Our Team

We are college students, high school counselors, and lifelong educators. We believe that every student deserves access to information on how to apply to college and afford it. Learn more about why we started Fair Opportunity Project here.


Cole Scanlon

Cole grew up in Miami, Florida and attended a large urban public high school with approximately one counselor for every 900 students. He earned a B.A. in applied mathematics from Harvard College and is a current graduate student at Oxford University. Cole's professional experiences range from analyst roles at Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, and Google.

Carole Trone

Carole grew up in the Washington, DC area and now lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University and a master’s and PhD in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Carole has led a statewide educational nonprofit, taught undergraduate students, and worked with high school counselors and college admissions directors over the past twenty years. Carole is passionate about the need to increase college access and is excited about the promise that Fair Opportunity Project brings in achieving this goal.

Luke Heine

Luke grew up in rural northern Minnesota and only applied to Harvard as a chance conversation informed him of its affordability. While at Harvard, he started and chaired a research lab and gave speeches around the world on economic development. He now runs a YC startup that connects the world’s students from 400 + universities.

Advisory Board

  • Richard Barth (CEO, KIPP Foundation)

  • Michael Brown (CEO, City Year)

  • Marquitta Speller (Executive Director for Secondary and Collegiate Programs, The Harlem Children's Zone)

  • Stephanie Khurana (Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation)

  • Katherine K. Merseth (Founder, Harvard Teacher Fellows)

  • Ruth Rathblott (CEO, Harlem Education Activities Fund)

  • Elissa Salas (CEO, College Track)

  • Thomas Willis (CEO, Cornerstone Charter Schools)

  • Sugeni Perez-Sadler (Senior Director, College and Career Planning at NYC Department of Education)


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