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The idea of Fair Opportunity Project is simple: to level the playing field of college admissions in America. Our goal is to provide free college advising, of the highest quality, to every high school student in America. 

This year, working with college students and college advising experts from across the country, we’re excited to pilot a free college mentorship program for communities across the US.

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How will students communicate with their mentors?

Our program is focused on facilitating mentorship via face-to-face meetings, video, and email. Students can decide which method works best with their needs, logistics permitting.

Who are the mentors?

Fair Opportunity Project will pair students with recent college admits from the community, using our data and the help of local counselors. The idea is that the best mentor is not someone from the other side of the country who has just heard your school name ten minutes ago – it’s someone who knows your community, and all the difficulties of applying to college it entails, who’s been trained with college advising resources of the highest quality.

How often will mentors communicate with students?

We aim to provide a minimum of 2 hours of mentorship per month with students for as long as their college applications require – often significantly more. At the six month mark, we assess the relationship based on student needs.

What are the requirements for students to participate?

The only requirement for students is dedicated participation. Fair Opportunity Project’s goal is to provide free college advising to any student with an interest in applying to college.

What do you offer students during mentoring?

Our model centers on a coaching-mentoring approach. Our mentors are trained to advise students using information from our curriculum, with all the resources Fair Opportunity Project has to offer, and to coach students towards their self-generated goals regarding college admissions.

Do you work independently or through school counselors or parents and guardians?

We work closely with school counselors to facilitate mentorship. With the help of Fair Opportunity Project, the counselor acts as a facilitator “on the ground” for the student-mentor relationship.

How long is the program?

The mentorship program is set up for one year in the first instance, working towards college application submissions. As the program develops, students will receive mentoring for as long as their college applications require.

What are your goals for the program and for students?

Our goal is to help level the playing field of college admissions in the US. We want everyone to be able to have good college advising, no matter their zip code or background. Our goals for students lie along a spectrum from assisting students in their journey towards submitting a college application to helping students develop goals and plan towards their achievement. We expect all of our mentees to submit a college application to a school of their choice at the end of the mentorship cycle.

What’s the catch?

There is none. We do this to help students from all backgrounds succeed.