Setting Yourself up for College Success

Do a First Year Program

You may have the opportunity to attend a pre-orientation program. Many college students write that their pre-orientation program was one of the best things they’ve ever done. It will set you up with a great group of friends right out of the gate.

Connect, Don’t Compare

Once you’re in college you’ll find people dramatically different from you and better than you in many different things. Instead of feeling intimidated, recognize that having other students more skilled in areas than you is a tremendous opportunity for you all to learn from each other. While connecting instead of comparing with your peers may seem like obvious advice now, make sure to keep it in mind when you enter college. Your peers will probably be the best experience of your college process, so make sure that you embrace them.


When you get to school, try a bunch of different things and don’t be afraid to quit the ones that don’t capture your interest. As a freshman, you’re going to be hit by all sorts of information about joining clubs or getting involved in activities. Explore all that may interest you, but feel free to cut them as soon as you feel you’re not getting a lot out of it. By doing this you’ll meet a variety of people from all different types of backgrounds, who can become close friends even if you choose not to stick with the activity. This is your time to sample what’s possible; enjoy it!