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Fair Opportunity Project has been supporting students applying to college for over 7 years. Here's what we've done in that time.


Guides Shared

Every year, we send our award-winning guide to almost every public high school in the U.S.


Active Volunteers

Grant-powered, we have an amazing team of mentors from all backgrounds to help provide top-notch college and financial aid advice.


Volunteer Time Committed

We've channeled over a million dollars in volunteer time into helping students afford and attend college.

See our work in action

Meet the team by watching our awardee video from Grant Thornton's Purple Paladin Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions not covered here, contact us by email at We love hearing from you!

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Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are college students, graduate students, or college graduates launched in careers. Our mentors are screened, trained and committed to increasing college access.

What if I have a quick college question?

That's easy! Schedule a free virtual session with one of our advising experts. You'll have 15 minutes to ask whatever college admissions or financial aid question that's on your mind.

Who will read my essay?

Our essay team is composed of volunteer editors who are current college or graduate students, recent college graduates, high school teachers, and other editing professionals, all with a commitment to increasing college access.

What kind of essay feedback will my editor give me?

Editors consider such things as your essay’s topic, structure, tone, and language, as well as its effectiveness in demonstrating your personality and interests to admissions officers. They will leave comments, and they may point out typos or other grammatical errors.

What students are eligible for your services?

Fair Opportunity Project is for every college-interested student. Everyone can download our step-by-step application Guide, schedule a virtual office hour visit or attend a webinar or live info session. Essay review and mentoring services are for first generation, low income or otherwise underrepresented students in the United States, especially those from rural areas.

How can I support your organization?

Our services are free for students and we rely on donations and volunteer effort to keep going. We welcome partnerships and sponsorships--you can send an email to start the conversation.

How can I support all these amazing services?

Help us make college access more equitable.